Enduro Fence Package for 200' Outfield

Enduro Fence Package for 200' Outfield / 314' L X 4' Tall / 32 Poles
Enduro Fence Package for 200' Outfield / 314' L X 4' Tall / 32 Poles
Item# BS314GP

Product Description

The #1 Selling Original Enduro Baseball Fence! Available in one piece to create a home run fence without gaps or overlap 200' from home plate. Enduro Fencing has revolutionized portable flexible fencing systems. Simply slide the poles through the permanent vinyl pockets in the mesh fencing and drive the pole into the turf with a rubber mallet. No ropes, ties, clips, hooks, etc. The vinyl pockets, spaced every 10', create an attachment to the pole that is uniform top to bottom for excellent durability and appearance. Steel pilot hole tool is included for hard ground.

Your package includes 4' Tall X 314' FT Long Enduro Mesh Fencing material with permanent vinyl pole pockets, 32poles, pilot hole tool and a 300' tape measure to assist with proper pole layout. Optional ground sockets available. Most orders will ship in 5-7 days. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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